Start Your Own DD service – Complete Package

Start Your Own DD service – Complete Package

$ 995.00

This package includes:

  • 24-7 email & phone support from us, we want you to succeed and are here to help
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Business Plan
  • Business Model
  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing materials templates
  • Contracts
  • Day-to-day operations: Paper work
  • HR paperwork: Driver agreements
  • Best practices
  • Driver, operator, and manager manuals
  • Everything else you need to get your DD for hire service off the gorund

Hello, my name is James Grasty, founder of Designated Driver inc.  (DDI).  Back when I first wanted to start a business “that took drunk people home in their own cars” I scoured the internet looking for information on how to start my own DD service and it took well over a year and a half to find what I was looking for.  I finally stumbled onto a Florida based DD service that wanted to sell the information on how to start a designated driver for hire service.  They stopped doing so some years ago but I wanted to extend the opportunity that I received to others.  

This is me passing along what was given to me (plus a whole lot more) so that others can enjoy all that I have learned running the business since 2007.  I wanted to help people take all of the guesswork out with this amazing information package (as well as my support) to help get your future designated driver for hire service off the ground, making money and saving lives right away.  After enduring many ups and downs opening our services in multiple California markets we have learned the perfect system for how to run a designated driver business efficiently and effectively.  

The most important thing you receive with this package is me.  No you don’t own me (that’s illegal) but I will give you my time and knowledge of the business with phone and email support.   Not only have I opened 3 separate DDI locations but I have also started 5 unrelated businesses and hold an MBA from CSUCI.  Not only do I know “everything there is” about the DD for hire business, but running a business in general.   

I have sold dozens of these consulting packages over the years and not everyone that has received one has been successful, why you ask?  

They did not follow up with me and ask those important questions about unique circumstances you will are bound to run into.  The people that were successful did, because just like any business it takes a consistent level of work and focus to make this business successful.  

I can show you the way, but you are going to have to put the work in to get there.  So if you aren’t serious about this endeavor, don’t waste either of our time.      

If you have any questions (and I mean any) feel free to call me directly at: (805)500-6223

Best Regards,
James Grasty
Designated Driver inc. 



What Doesn’t This Consulting Package Include:

  • The right to use the name Designated Driver inc or DDI
  • Any liability protection from Designated Driver inc. 
  • Assurance that your business will succeed 
  • The right to re-sell or redistribute the information and/or materials that you receive 



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