Hello, my name is James Grasty and I founded Designated Driver Inc. (DDI) in 2007 in my hometown of Bakersfield, CA, because, like a lot of you, I had too many people I knew get in trouble with DUI’s and DUI related accidents, and I felt like even I could be next if I didn’t do something about it. So it was because of this that I saw a need for people to get themselves and their cars home after they had been drinking, avoiding DUI’s, accidents, and hospitals. A lot of people still tell me to this day; “Hey that’s a great idea, I had the same one years ago!” and all I can tell them is “Well I didn’t invent the idea, I just saw a problem and found a way to help”.In late summer of 2012 I moved to Ventura, CA with the hopes of bringing our popular service to the Ventura County area. DDI is now driving people and their car’s home all over Ventura County, as well as parts of Santa Barbara & LA Counties. We strive to be the area’s premiere designated driver for hire service with our commitment to being professional, reliable, and all at a great price.There might be other services out there that can get you and your car home, but none are as speedy, inexpensive, professional, and most importantly insured as we are.This is due in part to the support we receive from our members and sponsors. By becoming a member you not only save money on rides, but you help to support DDI, keep our roads safe, and you, your family and friends out of trouble.
Sponsors also help us by paying to advertise on our; indoor ads, web site, vehicles and shirts. The money we receive helps us run our business, keeps our drivers on the road every night of the week, and helps towards our goal of eventually offering more discounted rides.
DDI is now seeking people who want to open a DD service in their town, we have distilled our know how and systems down to easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. We are also one of the only DD service opportunities our their that offer a turn key business with insurance. If you are interested please visit our “Open Your Own DDI Page”DDI has been open continuously since July of 2007 and has no plans on going any where any time soon thanks to the support of people like you.