How does DDI Work?
Our tag line says it all; “We drive you and your home”, we are a designated driver for hire service, but lets get into the nuts and bolts of it. You call our phone number, (661)431-3854, 30-45 minutes before you are ready to go and a team of two drivers are dispatched to your location. They will call you ahead of time to confirm you still need the ride and when they get there, so keep your phone handy. Once they arrive, one driver will get out of the chase vehicle, escort you to your vehicle, ask a few basic questions and have you sign our waiver, the other driver will follow in the chase vehical. On the way home feel free to make any stops, but remember a basic stop is $5 per stop and Fast Food stops are $10. Once you arrive home the DDI driver will tell you the total, which may be higher then $45 (We charge $2 per mile after 10 miles), and you can pay with either cash or credit (There is a 5% fee for using a credit card). Once everything is settled your driver will get back in the chase car and head to their next ride.

How Can I help DDI out?
Well you can do a number of things, first you can tell your friends, family and co-workers. Or we can drop off; cards, posters, and table toppers in person or in the mail if you would like. 

Is DDI a Taxi Service?
No, we are a designated driver for hire service, we only drive you and your car home, if you do not have a vehicle then please call a reputable Taxi service.

Can I trust DDI with my vehicle?
Yes, we are extremely safe and reliable, we have never had an accident in the many years we have been open, and all of our drivers are screened and insured so that you and your vehicle are safe and secure in the hands of our drivers.  

What kind of insurance does DDI carry?
To use DDI your car has to be insured and you have to sign a waiver, this is because even though DDI’s drivers carry their own insurance and your insurance should protect you and your car in case of an accident, there might be a very slight chance it does not cover everything.  If there is a major accident (Which we have never had) your own auto insurance and your DDI driver’s insurance should cover most if not all of the costs, however if either insurance policy does not cover any or all of the costs, DDI and its drivers will not be held liable for such costs.

Why was DDI started?
Hi, I’m James Grasty and I brought DDI to Bakersfield back in July of 2007, I saw the desperate need for a service that took you and your car home, this was because  of the alarming number of people I witnessed drinking and driving, there was no other alternative to get their vehicle home!  I also saw people around myself getting DUI’s, injuring themselves and others, and wanted to do something to help, thus was the birth of DDI. We now save countless people from getting DUI’s every week and more importantly save lives.  

We have since opened in Fresno/Clovis (2009) and Ventura County/Santa Barbara (2012)

Why isn’t DDI here right when I need them?
Unfortunately it is difficult to have enough drivers on call to take care of demand every second of the evening, however we strive to be there within 20-30 minutes of your call, so make sure you call 30-45 minutes in advance.

Isn’t the customer ALWAYS right?
Well most of the time, due to the nature of our business and to keep our sanity we here at DDI reserve the right to refuse service to you the customer if you are; belligerently drunk, being disrespectful of drivers and their property, doing illegal things in or out of the vehicle, fighting, drinking in the vehicle, doing drugs, etc… If you ever have a problem or complaint, email or call us; (805)232-4311 or and if we at DDI feel our drivers did you a disservice we will gladly give you a refund and a free ride.

Why is DDI $45?
Some people think we are expensive, it is a question we get asked on occasion. DDI is actually very cheap in comparison to the alternatives. DUI’s even on your first offense will cost around a minimum of $15,000 and it goes up from there, leaving your car can also cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if it gets broken into, vandalized or stolen. Also DDI is cheaper then taking a cab home and having to take one back in the morning, plus you have the convenience of your car sitting in your driveway the next morning.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns that we haven’t answered here feel free to call or email us

Thanks a lot

James Grasty


Designated Driver inc.

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