How DDI Works

Either call us in 30-45 in advance to assure we arrive when you are ready to leave OR call hours to days in advance and set up an appointment

DDI will give you an estimated time of arrival and dispatch a team of professional drivers to your location.

The team of DDI drivers will call you once they have arrived at your location so please have your phone handy.

The DDI driver will; great you, have you show proof of insurance and registration, initial the driver log to give us permission to drive you and your car, then you, your party, and the DDI driver will get in the vehicle and head to your destination.

You may need to drop off friends or stop for a late night snack, that’s alright, we aim to please. Just remember, there are additional charges for stops.

Once at your destination the DDI driver will park you vehicle where you like, tell you how much you owe for the ride witch you can pay via; cash, credit/debit card or ATM. Please remember, tips are not mandatory, but greatly appreciated.

The DDI driver will hop in the chase vehicle and head off to their next destination.

If you want to know more about us visit the Our Story section of our website

Contact Info

Need a Ride?: (661)431-3854

Office: (661)747-2272


Thanks a lot!

James Grasty, Founder – Designated Driver Inc.