Using Designated Driver inc. is the best way to ensure you have a fun and safe night out.  Calling us doesn’t necessarily mean you are drunk, it means you want to make the responsible choice of not choosing to drink and drive.

Open from 12pm-3am, 365 Days a year!


  • $45 – per Pickup

    • Includes up to 10 miles one way from your pickup location to your drop off location
  • $2 – per mile after 10 miles

    • The 10 miles starts at your pickup location and ends at your final destination
  • $5 – per additional drop offs / stops

    • This includes any other stops other than from your pickup location to your drop off locations (Dropping of friends, fast food, cigarettes, etc…)
  • $10 – out of area fee

    • What we consider “out of area” is; East of Fairfax, West of Allen, North of 7th Standard, & South of Panama
  • $1 – per additional minute of wait time:

    • If you make your drivers wait any longer than it should take for your ride for any reason (Wanted to stay a little longer, waiting for fast food, beer run, etc…) you will be charged this fee. However, we are pretty lenient as long as you tip the drivers well.   
  • 5% – Debt Card fee

    • We try to make it as convenient as possible to pay for your ride when using DDI, so we graciously take all forms of payment on the spot.  It is not easy or cheap for us to do so, for offering the convenience we charge a small fee for debt cards.
  • $20 – Cancellation fee

    • If our drivers show up and you cancel on them, leave, or they cannot find/get ahold of you we reserve the right to charge you this fee.