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Booking a team or teams of drivers for your event insures you and your guests will get home safely. If your team(s) of drivers are too busy we can always dispatch additional teams of drivers to your location at the lower rate of $35



At your last event some of your friends and family left a little too tipsy to drive, which didn’t sit well with you.  Fortunately we can help, you can rent a team, or teams of drivers for the evening.  They are at your event to help get; your friends, family and even yourself home safely in your own car.  If there are more people needing a ride home then your personal team of drivers can handle, don’t fret, we can dispatch more teams of our on call drivers, and the best part you still pay the same discounted rate.

Having a Wedding ?  We do those too!  Durring your big day the last thing you want to do is worry about how everyone is getting home at the end of the festivities.  With DDI we’ll get you and your guests home safely in their own car, ensuring every will have a great time at your wedding.


  • $35 per hour per team (3 hour minimum)

  • $35 per ride (Can be paid by guests or host)