Start Your Own Service

Starting Your Own DD Service Complete Consulting Package

Starting Your Own DD Service Primer

For just a few thousand dollars and some hard work, you too can be; saving lives, keeping people out of trouble and making money all at the same time.

We here at DDI have put in the time and money to perfect our system and want to help you bring it to your neck of the woods. No we are not offering a “Franchise” or anything like that, we just want to give you the tools and consult you on how to open your own designated driver for hire service. We want others to avoid the pitfalls that we faced in perfecting our system over the years, and give you the tools from the start to succeed.  So if you or any one else you know is interested in bringing a great community service that is inexpensive to start and also happens to turn a nice profit to your city, then please give us your information so we can get back to you about the wonderful opportunity of owning your own DD for hire service, saving lives, DUI’s and making money.